AMPA, Octobre

AMPA, CTAD oct. 2012


Le programme du CTAD, Monaco, 29 au 31 octobre 2012

The development of the next generation of Alzheimer's disease treatments is among the most important health needs worldwide, but presents huge challenges. Despite major advances in understanding the neurobiology of the disease and identifying plausible therapeutic targets, no new drug has been approved for AD treatment since 2003. The slow progress may have as much or more to do with methodological challenges than with the development of specific drug candidates.

CTAD 2012 will once again bring together world leaders in AD drug development to discuss solutions to the difficulties that have slowed the pace of progress, with a particular focus on clinical trial methodology. Research teams will also present their latest results, discuss about new research pathways and new therapeutics.

Again this year our Scientific Committee will identify several learning objectives for CTAD 2012 for designing and conducting AD Clinical Trials. Some learning objectives from the past years were:

  1. The need to appreciate the full spectrum of AD from an asymptomatic stage through dementia

  2. The need for harmonization of neuroimaging methods and analysis for incorporation into trials and clinical practice

  3. The need to elucidate the risk factors for AD and other dementias

  4. The need to identify and avoid methodological errors in the design of multicenter and international clinical trials

  5. The need for improved measurement of cognitive deficits

  6. The need to clarify the sequence and relationship among the biochemical and neuroimaging biomarkers of AD

Beyond these global practice gaps addressed throughout the conference other in-depth symposia will cover some specific issues from neuro-imaging issues to the latest criteria and tools available for detecting not only patients at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease but also monitoring the effects of new treatments or therapeutics in clinical trials.

The target audience for CtaD2012 includes neurologists, psychiatrists and all physicians involved in geriatric care, research, imaging but this conference is also relevant to other health care professionals involved in the care of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or any neurodegenerative disorders.


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